Max Mara Icon Coats

Elegant, sartorial and perfectly made from high-quality fabrics, Max Mara coats stand out through their design, versatility and fit. Qualities that make these coats the undisputed must-haves of the female wardrobe, capable of always guaranteeing the right aplomb.
This season a special advertising campaign - featuring Mariacarla Boscono and shot by Tyler Mitchell - spreads the message and mantra of every self respecting icon: “I was, I am, I will be”.


The unsurpassed must-have, the Teddy Bear Coat, designed in 2013, was inspired by a Max Mara archival garment from the 80s. Its abundant volume is a tribute to the extravagance made it an instant hit, worn and sought after by stars and celebrities. The perfect, magical combination of glamour and playfulness its silhouette and exquisite fabric exude give it the extraordinary ability to work from the street to the red carpet with a simple change of accessories! Season after season, it reinvents itself as a gilet or a biker jacket.

Teddy Max Mara
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101801 ICON COAT

Designed in 1981 by Anne-Marie Beretta, the 101801 coat is the best-known Max Mara piece in the world, an icon of modern, contemporary design. It has been defined by the unique lines and precise proportions that made it an instant icon ever since. Perfect over masculine-cut suits, ultra-feminine dresses or simply with jeans and T-shirts, this coat epitomises Max Mara know-how.

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In hand-stitched pure double cashmere, the Ludmilla coat shines like satin. Its sheen is the result of a carding process that releases impurities from the fabric, making it flawless to touch and look at. Finished with the tailored binding that makes it unique, it is the epitome of a laid-back attitude and attention to detail.
A coat for true connoisseurs, when the call for understated luxury is heard (or the art of selecting the best without showing off) the instinctive answer is the Ludmilla.


In luxurious pure camel hair with perfect proportions, the Manuela represents the essence of quality and the Max Mara philosophy. A wide, enveloping wrap coat that, like all great inventions, is quite simple.
At first sight, it has all the characteristics of a wrap coat, easy to wear and fasten. But, on closer examination, it becomes obvious that it is a combination of small, key details that make Manuela a forever coat, the perfect balance between proportions, fabric and construction. Once you’ve worn it, you can’t be without it.

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